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Strange dream and apology for absence :p

Have a bug whereby i'm tired all the bloody time. Am starting to get over it though.

Dreamt that i had to explain to Margeret Thatcher why it was a good thing for people who had commited violent sexual crimes to go to jail - she thought men who had shouldn't, for some reason. Ended up with me explaining i'd been raped by a guy who liked to murder people in order to eat their feet. Not quite sure where that came from... Actually, tracking down psychotic, murderous cannibals became something of a theme for the dream with my brother becomming convinced he was the person we were looking for (long and convoluted story as to why we were looking for this guy) cos this guy could control animals that were in the shallows of the sea and he used the animals to kill people so he could eat them. My brother thought he might be this person because he'd become very good and hide and seek, and as we couldn't find this person Will figured he must be very good at hiding and if Will couldn't find him then it must mean he was Will. Also, Erin and I were the same person at one point and there was bizarre time travel involved and Al and i got married only then he freaked out and wanted a divorce but i pointed out that we hadn't had sex since getting married (cos i was on my period) so we could probably get an annulment instead and he kissed me and apologised for being crazy about things like that but i didn't mind cos i knew we weren't splitting up, we just weren't being legally married. Though then i half woke up and couldn't quite remember if it was a dream or not and desperately wanted to wake Al up to ask him if we'd got married the night before but figured it was best not to.


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Apr. 25th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
:) Have I told you lately that you're wonderful?

I had a dream the other night when I squeezed a spot on my side and masses and masses of pus like clotted cream came out and left a hole about an inch across, and inside was dusty and empty bar some machinery. Was very vivid and pretty damn creepy.

You have my sympathy regarding the bug of exhaustion - glad you're getting over it, hun. *hugs*

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