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I'm really being mopey at the moment, so here i am looking at what is good in my life.

- Al. I'm so lucky to have him, even when i'm feeling nagged. I know he's only doing it because he wants me to focus. I sat down with him the other day and told him how much of a failure i'm feeling and he was so supportive. He still struggles to deal with me when i cry but as long as i explain to him first and explicitly request a cuddle then he does a very good joib. I love him and that's an amazing feeling! :)

- Family. I have a wonderful family, extended, immediate and in-law. They all look after me and make me feel less desperate when everything else seems to be falling down.

- Friends. You guys are amazing. My friends hold me up and make me smile. They lend me things and give me things, they are as important to me as my family and i am so lucky to have such a huge network of such amazing people who all love me so much!

- Flat. There may be problems associated with the flat, but overall it is a lovely flat in a lovely area.

- Intellect. Double-edged sword, but i wouldn't trade my smarts for simplicity.

- Looks. I have days when i feel ugly but i know i'm not and i appreciate how lucky i am in that respect.

Basically, everything that is wrong relates to money - earning it, needing it, wanting it. Supports the theory that money is the root of all evil :)


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Aug. 8th, 2010 05:35 pm (UTC)
loves and hugs xxx
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